Advanced Security Management 

The security concerns present in large properties, large corporations or within private clubs can present many challenges for management and can become overwhelming. The expertise ORi brings to the table can ease management's tension and put forth sound, cost-effective security solutions. ORi's Risk Assessments or security survey's are detailed and comprehensive and are built around the following:   

A risk assessment and security survey examines the three major categories of threats that exist; Crimes, non-criminal events, and consequential events.


Crimes are criminal acts, which, for examination shall include terroristic threats.

Non-criminal events

Non-criminal events are natural disasters, such as storms and earthquakes and man-made events such as a slip & fall, or motor vehicle accidents.

Consequential event

Consequential events are reputational damage resulting from an event that was preventable and can cause damage to the company’s reputation.  An example would be property issues that should have been foreseen as causing a possible accident; i.e, a loose stair railing that can cause injury, thereby resulting in a lawsuit.Type your paragraph here.

Retainer Program

Depending upon client needs, ORI can project manage the implentation of recommendations obtained through the Risk Assessment and Security Survey.  Other programs are available as well to meet our client's needs. 

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