Our associates come from the private club industry and have an “insider’s perspective” on club management and issues plaguing private clubs.  As such, all recommendations are tailored exclusively for the private club client.  

The “Flavor” or Ambiance of your club dictates the security methodology

Each club has a “flavor” or ambiance which is unique to that establishment.  Cookie cutter solutions offered by the majority of security experts will not work in a private club setting. Clientele of private clubs are very demanding and want to relax in a safe, inviting, and secure environment.  Security applications have to blend into the background so members and guests can relax without experiencing anxiety from "in your face" security applications.  Security should be subtle, while providing a safe and secure environment for members, guests and employees.  

Security cameras and locks are not the only measures which make a security program work.  Policy, procedures, safety and security awareness are equally, if not more important than traditional security concepts such as cameras and locks.

Club Safety and Security Assessment (CSSA) is a comprehensive examination of your establishment.  The CSSA includes, but is not limited to a review of the following: 

  • Security policies and procedures
  • Buildings and parking areas
  • CCTV design and use for interior and exterior protection
  • Executive protection and event security
  • Emergency communications
  • Burglar and fire protection
  • Effective management of employees and contractors
  • Background checks
  • First aid and emergency response
  • Training programs
  • Key control 
  • Pilferage 
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Workmen’s Compensation Claims
  • Kid Camp programs
  • Preventative IT control and protection
  • FCC Licensing

Upon the completion of the Club Safety and Security Assessment a detailed report documenting the findings are provided within 48 hours.  This report will offer solutions to mitigate problems which are occurring.  This document will be the blueprint to improve the safety and security of your establishment. 

Security Management Program
The Club Security Management program is comprehensive and gives clients the peace of mind that a security expert is available for continuous oversight.  A retainer agreement can cover the following areas, but is not limited to these programs alone; as each program is uniquely tailed for our clients. 

The fees for the Security Manager program is based on the size of the club and length of assignment.  In most cases, the program fees are approximately 65% less than hiring a full time security manager. 

Unlimited 24/7 Counsel

  • Develop a safety and security program based on the findings of the CSSA
  • Develop and implement measures to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Design an Incident Reporting System (ITS) 
  • Auditing of incidents and analyzing data for training and improving safety
  • Implement a Safety and Security Program
  • Quarterly, or bi-yearly training shall be conducted
  • Due diligence inquiries for VIP visits and Events
  • Assistance with Event Management
  • Review Incidents and identify hazards in the workplace
  • Generate Post Orders based on actionable information and statistical analysis
  • Manage background checks
  • Key management

Private Club Security


Advanced Security Management 

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