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Twenty on Thursday Webinar Series

Thursdays at 10am, Mr. O’Rourke personally conducts a free twenty minute webinar on a variety of subjects.  These webinars are a great opportunity for managers to learn security measures which will guide them in developing their own safety and security programs.  These webinars, allow Mr. O’Rourke to aid managers, while increasing his exposure to potential clients. 


How to conduct a safety and security survey

Active Shooter: Policy & Procedure develop

Security Cameras in the club environment

Incident Reporting:  benefits and insurance cost savings

Background Checks

Key Management

Designing a Safety and Security program

Monitoring contract security companies

Effective safety and security management

Event Management

Valet oversight:  Yes it is needed

Due Diligence for Events

Security Video audits

Please contact Mr. O’Rourke at for webinar information.

ORi offers a variety of training programs and training options.  Whether it is online or in-person, ORi's training is robust and provides attendees with the skills necessary to increase the safety and security at their establishments. 



Advanced Security Management