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With over 40 years of expertise, our private investigative services encompass comprehensive solutions for business, corporate, civil, and criminal investigations. Our adept team conducts meticulous background checks, asset searches, and surveillance operations. We specialize in resolving complex cases, providing critical evidence for legal proceedings, and safeguarding corporate interests. Trust our discreet, professional approach and extensive experience to deliver reliable results and peace of mind.



We provide the following services:

1. Surveillance: Monitoring and gathering evidence through discreet and professional observation techniques.
2. Background checks: Thorough investigation into the history, reputation, and credibility of individuals or organizations.
3. Asset searches: Tracing and locating assets for legal, personal, or business purposes.
4. Missing persons: Using various methods to locate and reunite individuals or gather information about their whereabouts.
5. Legal support: Providing evidence and testimony in legal cases, aiding attorneys and clients in building strong cases.
6. Corporate investigations: Conducting inquiries into corporate fraud, employee misconduct, or intellectual property theft to safeguard business interests.
7. Due diligence: Comprehensive research and analysis to assess the credibility and integrity of potential partners, employees, or investments.

Your dedication to confidentiality, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail ensures accurate and reliable results for your clients.


From forensic investigations to corporate issues, we have an impressive collection of services designed to help solve all cases. Years of experience have taught us to tackle each investigation with professional manner, and we’re committed to protecting the privacy of each client while doing all we can in order to provide them with timely and accurate results.

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